A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

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A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life

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Foals The First Year Essay

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Biology/ Foals: The First Year term paper 16681

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Nutritional Needs of the Suckling Foal

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Foals: The First Year RUSTY MILLER STATEMENT DESCRIBING CAREER GOALS AND RESEARCH INTERESTS MASTERS IN ANIMAL SCIENCE AUGUST 1, RESEARCH INTERESTS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION Introduction: The following is a report on my research information on foal’s nutritional need through there first year of life.

Detailed planning and good management practices in a horse breeding program often result in a healthy foal. It is extremely important to provide proper care and attention immediately after the foal is born as well as during the early days of a foal’s life.

In addition, creep feeding and pasture intake provide some of a foal's early nutrition. Most foals begin to eat solid feedstuffs within weeks of birth. According to the National Research Council's (NRC) Nutrient Requirements of Horses (), 1-week old foals spend only about 8 per cent of the day eating grain/hay/pasture, but by 21 weeks spend about 50 per cent of daylight hours eating solid feeds.

During the first two to three months of the foal’s life, the primary nutrition source is mare’s milk. Mares produce an incredible amount of milk, 3 – 4% of their body weight each day. Therefore, it is important for foal development that the mare be fed adequate supplemental feeding to support the tremendous demands of lactation.

A report on my research information on foals nutritional needs through the first years of life
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Biology/ Foals: The First Year term paper