Changes in marriage equality laws

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Same-sex marriage

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Trump Plans to Reverse Marriage Equality as President?

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Marriage Equality: Is It a Federal Issue or a State Issue?

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Australians voted for fairness and equality, not discrimination and division. We will continue to stand against any attempts to strip back Australia’s anti-discrimination laws and oppose laws designed to target LGBTIQ communities.

Will the ACT’s marriage equality bill survive a High Court challenge? ABC Fact Check takes a look. But the changes to wording mean the laws will no longer apply to. Gay marriage rights should be equal to those attained by opposite sex couples.

Otherwise, there is no such thing as equal rights. Domestic partnerships, same sex marriages and civil unions should all be considered equal to marriage.

“The challenged laws burden the liber ty of same-sex couples, and they abr idge central precepts of equality. The marriage laws at issue are in Marriage equality becomes the law of the land.

The Marriage Law and Celebrants Section within the Attorney-General's Department provides information and advice to marrying couples, marriage celebrants and people wishing to become a marriage celebrant.

Feb 21,  · Changes in marriage equality laws hopscotched across states that had widely disparate patterns of suicide, and of factors that are linked to suicide, such .

Changes in marriage equality laws
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