Dutch flower auction

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Auction Direct Flowers

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Valentine's rush at Dutch flower auction

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Read more on the Man Amish settlement. Flower auction in full bloom. It's on the two huge clocks in the tiered auction room where, five days a week, flower prices are set in what's called a Dutch auction. We are a fast growing Dutch flower exporter based at the flower auction Aalsmeer and we are specialized in shipping of fresh flowers, by airfreight.

We ship daily a wide range of fresh flowers to wholesalers and importers across the USA, Australia, South Africa, Russia and. Dutch auction has its roots in the 17th-century Dutch flower market.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction

Auction process. A Dutch auction initially offers an item at a price in excess of the amount the seller expects to receive. The price lowers in steps until a bidder accepts the current price. That bidder wins the auction. The screen in the main auction hall of the Flora Holland flower auction on February 15, in Aalsmeer, residence-du-pelam.com Holland is the world's largest flower and plant auction.

South America: SIGN IN. The best quality wholesale flowers and plants bought fresh, daily from the Dutch flower auctions and delivered within the UK in 24 hours.

Dutch flower auction
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