Hindu culture in pakistan

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Hinduism in Pakistan

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Culture of Pakistan

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Oct 29,  · Find Hindus In Pakistan Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Hindus In Pakistan and see latest updates, news, information from residence-du-pelam.com Explore more on Hindus In Pakistan. Pakistani Hindus, who have arrived in the Indian capital in recent months, tell BBC Hindi's Zubair Ahmed that they fled their homes to escape discrimination and religious persecution.

Mala Das can. "It is a big mistake to equate Indian culture with hindu culture." If Jackie Chan makes a Hollywood movie, the movie is still an American movie.

Similarly, Muslim contributions to Indian culture is still Indian culture. The same Muslims cannot contribute similarly in Saudi. Hindu activist were labouring hard to prevent Lahore from going Pakistan / so that Lahore remained with Bharat. History was a witness to the fact that Lahore should remain with Bharat and there were proof on Adhibhoutik (Physical), Adhyatmik (spiritual), Adhidavik (Divine) grounds to say why Lahore should remain with Bharat.

There are two levels of prejudice in Pakistan with respect to Hindus - the cultural and the legal. While it is difficult to say which one is more pernicious, cultural prejudice is certainly more difficult to uproot .

Hindu culture in pakistan
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